Safeguarding Adults Essay

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CU2941 Communication Systems 1.1 As Project Manager, I must be able to communicate effectively with different groups and individuals. I am responsible for sharing information across a broad range of outside service providers including:- * young people housed at the hostel (Clients) * other service users * local authority officials * health care professionals * parents * employees * trades people 1.2 I am conscious of the need to change my communication styles on a variant of levels depending on my audience. When dealing with clients or other service users, I try to create an informal atmosphere in an effort to help them relax and build trust between myself and the individual. I will offer the young person a cup of tea or coffee to break down any initial barriers. The young person may be upset or nervous making communication difficult therefore I must be sensitive to the young persons’ feelings. By giving them my full attention and displaying friendly, reassuring body language, without folding my arms will help the young person to open up and discuss their problems. Taking Data Protection laws and company confidentiality policies into consideration, I will share as much information as possible with the client, answering all questions honestly. I will not discriminate or be judgemental and will show empathy without being too sympathetic. When communicating with official services, my communication approach and language is more professional. 1.3 Communication is extremely important in any business more so in a health care practice. Poor communication between management and staff, staff and residents may result in inaccurate information being recorded on client files. Consequently, serious errors may occur, for example; a client may receive incorrect medication, or clients may be signposted to inappropriate services which

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