Safeguarding Essay

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Transformational leaders have a high role on creating the organizational culture. The values, that transformational leader adopted, can also be adopted easily by the employees. It is important to have a good skilled transformational leader because he / she is taken as a model by the employees in the organization. If the leader has personality and behavioral disorder, the organizational culture can be effected by this disorder problems. This irregular atmosphere at the organization damages the employees working atmosphere and reaching the common goals become difficult. Transformational leaders are the ones who can create the culture of the organization, help employees to involve in the culture and make it his / her own and try to make organizational culture stable in the organization by his / her good communication skills and leadership ability. The Effect of Transformational Leadership Behavior on Organizational Culture The role of leadership in creating culture is almost an indisputable reality in organizational theory. One of the most prominent author that suggested this reality is Schein (1985) who stated that organizations do not form accidentally, instead they are goal oriented and created because one or more individuals perceive that a coordinated and concerned action of a number of people can accomplish. Schein (1985) stated that the process of culture formation is a process of creating a small group. Despite small differences, every organization involves four steps: 1. A single person (founder) has an idea for a new enterprise. 2. The founder brings in one or more other people and creates a core group that shares a common goal and vision with the founder. 3. The founding group begins to act in concert to create an organization by raising funds,obtaining patents, incorporating, locating work space and so on. 4. Others are brought into the organization

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