Safeguarding Essay

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SELF AWARENESS The essay will discuss what is meant by self -awareness. It will look at the module and the class activities participated by reflecting on self-awareness of the student. I t will also will look at how self- awareness is used in a counsellors role and how it is vital in their role and how it is vital in their role it will then pick on issiues of ethical and moral dimensions that they may face such as confidentiality. Within health and social care, it is important for practitioners and service users to use self –awareness Mitchell (2003) define self awareness Self- awareness is essential in all health and social care practitioners Ethics of working of counselling with children Professional ethics are guidelines that help people in a particular profession decide what is right and wrong in their professional practice. These guides are intended to protect clients and the professionals themselves. In the helping professions, clients usually come to counsellors because they are in some kind of distress which makes them especially vulnerable and in need of protection. Persons caring for children are in particular need of ethical guidelines because of the vulnerability and powerlessness of children and the complexity of the caregiver role. Ethical guidelines often are spelled out in what are known as “codes of conduct” or “codes of ethics.” Ethics are based on values; that is, on principles or qualities that are considered by the professional group to be worthwhile and important. While personal values reflect what individuals consider to be important and what they believe to be wrong or right, professional values describe the beliefs the profession holds about people and how the profession ought to conduct its work Ethical Practice in Counselling Key values that are associated with ethical counselling include: • Belief in the

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