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Safeguarding 4 Essay

  • Submitted by: dillmich
  • on October 21, 2013
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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care.

What is physical abuse?
Physical abuse can be anything from hitting, kicking, biting, shaking, and force feeding or any other physical harm to people.
What is sexual abuse?
This could be forcing an individual to be part of a sexual activity or behaving in a sexual inappropriate way. It can be penetrative and non-penetrative acts including touching. It can also be making some watch TV with a sexual nature.
Emotional/psychological abuse
This could be anything from bullying, threatening, making some one feel small or unworthy.
Swearing, exploiting them, some examples are leaning over them, leaving a cup out of reach. Sometimes a look can be threatening to a person.
Financial abuse
This can be misuse of a person’s funds, exploiting them for gain, stealing of a person’s money and denying them access to their own money.
Institutional abuse
This can be many forms of abuse, misuse of medication, the authority you have over vulnerable people, failure to maintain professional boundaries, failure to give them the right to privacy and dignity, denying them there rights to choice.
This could be anything that the person can do which will harm themselves, not washing, not eating and drinking, self-harming, not going to the toilet when capable of going.
Neglect by other
This could be by people denying them food, drinks basic care and denying them they’re human rights.

Signs of abuse
Signs of physical/sexual abuse can come in many forms unexplained scratches and bruises cuts broken or fractured bones. Other signs of abuse in all cases of abuse can be changes in behaviour either withdrawn or abusive towards staff. They may become afraid of being in a room with a person, eating and drinking habits could change, mood swings, Loss of weight.
The correct action to take if you believe an individual is being abused
Talk to the person privately raising your concerns about them. Let...

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