Safe Women- A Symbol Of Safe Society

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The woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. -Diane Mariechild The women are the backbone of our society and the CEO of our homes. They play every role- mother, daughter, sister, aunt, nanny, and teacher and handle the whole house from cooking to washing, from cleaning to interiors. They are the teachers who teach our future generations, people who set examples in front of the world and role models in every field. It’s the woman who holds the power to nurture and change this world. It is her, the power of the woman who holds the reign to the future of our society. If she is not safe so will not be the future. The women have always been trained to work in the house and take care of it whereas the men have only learnt how to work o=in offices. If the woman would not have been there, it would have been difficult for the man to handle both responsibilities. Nowadays, the women do both- manage the house and work in offices which is something the men can’t do as the society has been shaped like this for generations. The women teach the world how to multi-task and be good at all things. The newer laws on women have been implemented but they are not strong enough. Women are still molested by strangers and physically abused. The women are being targeted as the society has set the women to be physically and financially weaker than men. If this idea was not there, and women were honored and secured from men who believe in this, maybe our society would have been safer as women who are a big part of society would have been safe. The changing of this ideology would lead to a better status and respect of women in this society thus men would still not harass the women. Children are brought up with their mothers who are the ones to teach them morals and
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