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Thesis: Safe sex is the best sex; Use a condom! 1. Introduction: a. Attention Getter: Kim was 16 years old and had her first boyfriend. Since she thought everything was perfect she agreed to go to the next level with her boyfriend. He convinced her by saying they were gonna ‘Make Love’ . Kim had no idea he was cheating with a promiscuous girl. When they ‘made love’ they made the choice to not use a condom. Two months later Kim was very sick for some reason so she went to the hospital results came back and not only was she pregnant she had an STD called herpes that is incurable; 3 weeks later she lost the baby due to the STD. Doctors told her that my body will never be strong enough to carry a baby. Have you ever had unprotected sex? 2. Outcomes of unprotected sex b. Unplanned Pregnancy i. Whether it’s from the mother’s or father’s point of view keeping a unexpected child is a lot to deal with most people come to the conclusion of abortion or adoption. 1. Abortion: 1.2million babies die every year from abortion. Is it really the easy way out when it cost anywhere from $350-$500 based off the article from It’s much cheaper to buy condoms than to have an unborn child taken from your womb using all types of tools down there. 2. Adoption: another easy way out when you have religious beliefs that state that abortion is wrong or you just can’t live with know you had another life in your hands. c. Diseases/Infections: did you know that there was over 20 different types of sexually transmitted diseases and infections? Where do I start some are curable and some once you get them they are there for life. 3. Contraceptive d. Male Condom: 98% effective of protecting from STD’s/STI’s and pregnancy. The Trojan condom company has been working to better perfect the condom. In their

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