Safe Haven Essay

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Safe Haven Katie, a mysterious 27-year-old woman, moves to Southport, North Carolina. She maintains privacy at an extreme level, starts working at a restaurant named Ivan's, and lives an isolated life without involving herself in anything social. It is apparent that she is hiding a secret. She becomes friends with her neighbor, a woman in her thirties named Jo. Katie regularly goes shopping at a store and the owner of the store, Alex, becomes attracted to her. Alex is a widower with two children, Josh and Kristen. Katie becomes instantly attached with the little Kristen, who hasn't started school yet and accompanies her father to the store. One day, Josh almost drowns while fishing, and while Alex rescues him, Katie comforts Kristen. Following this incident, Katie becomes friendlier with Alex, and eventually, she invites him to dinner at her house. They soon come to realize that they love each other, and Alex, who had once been in the army, guesses Katie's secret. Katie, understanding that Alex has come to guess about her secret, reveals it to him, saying that she is married to a man named Kevin. Her real name is Erin. Kevin, who is a policeman, physically abused her, and thus, she was forced to flee from her house, taking a new identity. Alex promises to protect her secret, and soon, their love starts growing deeper. On the other hand, Kevin is furious at Katie because she has run away from him. He starts searching for Katie, and finally is able to locate where she lives after he comes to know what identity she is using. He arrives in Southport, and sees Katie. That evening, Katie is in Alex's home taking care of the children, as Alex was away from home due to some work. Kevin sets Alex's house on fire, fortunately Katie manages to escape with Josh and Kristen. She has a fight with Kevin, giving the children time to escape. Alex arrives in time and takes the
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