Safe as Houses Essay

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Safe as houses Name: Literacy Circle: Session #2 Word Whiz: Wow! Word whiz is used to introduce words to our group! Task 1. Reading pages 32 through 74 I used sticky notes to mark important, unusual or unfamiliar words. Task 2. Recording and investigate the meanings. Task 3. Make new sentences. 1. Word: Adrenaline Page#: 49 Adrenaline his a familiar term to some people, when watching football the sports caster may say “the adrenaline was pumping”, however I thought this word could be new to some readers in the class and in our group. Sentence from the Book: It was as heavy as it looked, but I had so much adrenaline surging through my body I thought I could lift a car. Definition (as used in sentence): Often used in nontechnical contexts; the fans were excited, raucous, their adrenaline running high. Adrenaline was moving as an Epi-pen was given to treat an allergy. The player was so excited his adrenaline was pumping. 2. Word: Orient Page#:61 This word I thought might be confusing to some because the orient is often referred to as a place and in the book used to describe finding a familiar place Sentence from the Book: I tried to orient myself. Definition (as used in sentence): Definition: (to acquaint with the existing situation or environment) Used in sentences: -The house is oriented so that it faces west. - She put her hand in front to orient herself with the surroundings. - The tool box was found because David oriented himself with his house.

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