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[pic] Activity 1.1.3 Component Identification Introduction In the field of electronics, there are an endless number of different types of components. The ability to identify these components and to understand how they are labeled is an essential skill for anyone working in the field. In this activity you will identify and determine the nominal values for a series of resistors and capacitors. We will concentrate on resistors and capacitors because they are part of virtually every electronics design ever made. Equipment 0. Paper and pencil 0. Scientific calculator 0. Digital multimeter (DMM) 0. Resistors 0. Capacitors Procedure 1. Using the attached resistor color code, determine the nominal resistance value for the following components. [pic](Yellow / Violet / Red / Gold) a) Ra = _____________________ [pic](Green / Blue / Yellow / Gold) b) Rb = _____________________ [pic](Red / Violet / Brown / Gold) c) Rc = _____________________ [pic](Brown / Red / Green / Gold) d) Rd = _____________________ [pic](Blue / Gray / Orange / Gold) e) Re = _____________________ 2. Obtain 10 random resistors from your instructor. Using the Resistor Color Code Diagram, record each resistors nominal value and tolerance range. Next, use a digital multi-meter (DMM) to measure and record the actual resistance value of each resistor. Finally, indicate if the measured value is within acceptable tolerance. |Resistor |Colors |Nominal |Tolerance Range |Measured |Meets Tolerance? | | |

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