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Saving Private Ryan 3 Striking moments in the opening scene: Instant Chaos: There are a lot of the soldiers in the ship and then a lot of explosive gunshots start to fire all at once. People in the ship are getting shot rapidly and also and from far away there are people with machine guns shooting all of the soldiers running out trying to shoot them back. The camera shot in that scene has made it very realistic. The shots that were used in that scene were at a tilted angle to show the effect of how the soldiers’ heads were positioned. After that there was a sudden shaking of the camera, portraying the actual and precise view of the solider. This gave the effect as if the solider had a camera on his shoulder. A lot of shaking of the camera was shown in the scene to show how the solider was running at a tremendous speed away from the bullets and the fear of getting shot. The music in the background was extremely low and deep. There was only gun shots and explosions of that you could hear in the background of the war scene. It took place in an extremely violent war scene with a lot of dead bodies on the battlefield and also a lot of bloodsheds around. There were a lot of panicked people running around trying to save their lives in such a dangerous area of which some people could make it through to stay alive. There was a heavy effect on the audience with the violence that occurred in the dangerous scene. You feel as if your are in control of the guns and your are part of the war when you get to some particular parts of the scene. Captain Miller’s Confusion: This is where an illusion starts to happen when Captain Miller gets confusion and then the scene goes completely quiet and focuses on the noise inside of his body. There is a very long shot used on the soldier to show his body and a range of other shots are used, such as, medium shots. A lot of fast movement is

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