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I chose the book Sacajawea by Harold P. Howard for my topic, the Louis and Clark Expedition. This book tells of the incredible journey of Louis and Clark as they made their way across the continent to explore and document the land and what it contained, and how Sacajawea at age sixteen, with her baby strapped to her back helped guide the explorers through the uncharted terrain of the western United States. This book also contains the controversial accounts of Sacajawea’s life after the expedition explaining what might have became of the beneficial Indian girl. I thought the content was very interesting and it explained the explorers’ journey well. The book Sacajawea made me truly understand what it was like to travel an extreme distance mostly on foot. The author of the book made it difficult to stay interested, but if you are looking for a detailed account of the expedition then this book is my recommendation. The setting of the book is the wilderness starting from the mouth of the river Dubois to the Pacific Ocean from the years 1803 to 1806. The group endured freezing winters and hot summers, and several members had near death experiences. Drowning, attacks from bears and unfriendly Indian tribes made the journey even more dangerous combined with the lack of food and clean water they experienced throughout the journey. The mosquitoes were so bad that at one point in the book Sacajawea, the hunters couldn’t make a shot at an animal because the sight was too crowded by the awful bloodsucking insects leaving then without food for another day. Meaning increased starvation for the already exhausted explorers. The captains of the expedition were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. They were equal in command and all decision making. The entire party was encouraged to keep a diary from which it is possible to understand the perilous journey to the Pacific ocean and

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