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Sabina Crane 1 Running head: Sabina Crane Sabina Crane: An Essay Supporting Crane’s Request for Renewal Adrian McMillon SID #2002292 PAD 231-60 Public Personnel Administration Shaw University October 1, 2009 Sabina Crane 2 Sabina Crane is a career counselor at Maybridge High School. She has been with the school district for five years and each year has received outstanding evaluations for her performance as well as the maximum merit pay increases available to her. She also has been given awards from national organizations for her work with high school students. To her surprise, Sabina was notified by the superintendent’s…show more content…
However, the ruling also said that a school board might justifiably keep a known homosexual away from "impressionable children." Because Morrison's "immoral behavior" had become public knowledge, the school board's dismissal was justified, but not the loss of his teaching credentials. The Morrison court set out the following factors to determine "unfitness to teach": [T]he likelihood that the conduct may have adversely affected students or fellow teachers, the degree of such adversity anticipated, the proximity or remoteness in time of the conduct, the type of teaching certificate held by the party involved, the extenuating or aggravating circumstances, if any, surrounding the conduct, the praiseworthiness or blameworthiness of the motives resulting in the conduct, and the extent to which disciplinary action may inflict an adverse impact or chilling effect upon constitutional rights of the teacher involved or other teachers. ( Sabina Crane…show more content…
Despite the United States Supreme Court's failure to hear Ancafora's appeal, the case represents several important firsts in the struggle to protect the rights of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered teachers. For the first time, members of a school community lobbied the administration to reinstate an openly gay teacher. Seventy-five percent of the faculty and every single student Ancafora taught signed a petition supporting him. Second, the Ancafora case was the first time an individual defendant was supported by the newly formed gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered organizations. The Gay Activists Alliance of Washington, D. C., for example, worked on Ancafora's behalf. In addition, Ancafora had the support of the National Education Association. Sabina Crane

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