Saber Craft Plugged-in Essay

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Part 1 —If possible, I really don't want to fight against women until the Four Empires Unity Tournament. I said this to Eugeo before during the Zakkaria Swordsmanship Tournament. Since then, it had been one and a half years. It has been about two years since we chopped down the «Demon Tree» Gigas Cedar at Rulid Village and left the village. Half a year later, we joined the Zakkaria guards, and another half a year later, we reached Central. It has been a year since we knocked on the doors of this academy. It seemed like a very long time, but as I recalled this, it was really amazing. 2 years would be around the same amount of time as when I was trapped in the floating city of Aincrad. Luckily— I should be about to say this, this Virtual world «Underworld» I dived in unknown circumstances was operated by a super-technology that far exceeded my imaginations. The «Fluctlight Acceleration Function»— it magically magnified the sense of time and accelerates the person in dive mode. Theoretically, it could be accelerated to 1000 times the time in reality. In other words, the physical body of Kirigaya Kazuto that was lying in the real world would have dived for only 18 hours ever since it began. To think that I woke up in the forest near Rulid Village, spent 2 years to reach the Norlangarth Empire Swords Academy, and not a single day had passed in the real world yet, I felt a little dizzy, and yet a little relieved. In the worst case scenario, even if I were deemed missing in the real world, not much time would have passed for that assumption to be made. I did not want my parents, Suguha, my friends, and of course Yui and Asuna to worry. Of course, knowing Asuna and the rest, they would never merely sit and worry; they would definitely do something. This is what worried me the most. Either way, the current situation would have devastated Asuna and the rest, and the

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