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GLOBALIZATION APPROACH OF SAATCHI & SAATCHI The ability to launch “global” advertising campaigns was among the foremost capability building measures that were to be implemented in order to develop a globalization strategy for the company. Though the Saatchi brothers, Maurice and Charles had always been inclined towards the very idea of global marketing but finally it became incumbent upon the new CEO Louis-Dreyfus to implement the strategy as a part of measures to bring the company out of the crisis. The concept of global marketing had been developed by the ace management guru Theodore Levitt of the Harvard Business School and it essentially meant that the cultures around the world are becoming so similar and homogeneous in nature that marketing of the products can be done in similar or rather same ways everywhere in varied geographical locations. The specific approach that Louis-Dreyfus adopted towards this global marketing idea was in principle different from the one imagined by the Saatchi brothers. He agreed regarding the vitality of the idea and believed that it would be apt to expand into different markets in order to cater to the needs of the multinational clients but he specifically cautioned against over generalization and said, “Creativity isn’t the same everywhere. You can’t apply the same principles in England, France and America.” Though he wanted to tread carefully regarding the “globalization” approach but he was firmly committed to the basic idea and his commitment is amply reflected in the fact that he after concurrence with Maurice recruited Theodore Levitt to the board of the company in 1990. Also, he reiterated the fact that global marketing should be seen not as a one time or static approach but is very much a dynamic and evolutionary process. He also held the strong belief that Saatchi should be at the forefront of implementing this

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