Saatchi And Saatchi

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The Saatchi and Saatchi Company is an advertising firm that experienced rapid growth and success due to its ability to merge with and acquire other businesses. Founded in 1970, the company’s vision was to be “a full service integrated communication agency” and the founders were successful. Charles and Maurice Saatchi left the company in 1995, and around that time, the recession began to take its toll on the company. It halted some of their expansion abilities and left the company almost bankrupt. In order to get back on top, the company set several financial goals which are based on the Balanced Scorecard. Upon the Saatchi brothers departure, Peter Melter, Worldwide Director of the company’s scorecard program, CompaSS, brought the concept of the to the table. In order to bring back the company’s financial health, improve their internal business processes, cater to the customer and in essence bring learning and growth to the company, the new company head took an aggressive approach that paid off. After restructuring the company with new personnel, hires with working history from some of their top spending clients, a new vision and strategy was born for the company. The Saatchi & Saatchi Company began to demerge and after doing so, made several promises to Wall Street and their investors: to grow their revenue base larger than its market, to convert at least 30 percent of their incremental revenue to operating profit and to double their shares per earnings. The first thing the new CEO, Kevin Roberts (a former senior leader from Proctor and Gamble) did was to visit every office location. He went to all 45 offices around the globe in three months to gather information and understand the individual climate in order to gauge the corporation as a whole. These visits resulted in him putting the Multinational Company into three agency categories: Lead,

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