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“Ultimately, a brand is the things people say about you when you’re not there,” says Jeff Bezos, CEO of The Power of the Brand in Financial Services Brands are a short-hand way of communicating critical data to the market to influence decisions. Across a multitude of consumerfocused industries, brands are an important means for differentiation and competitive advantage, althoughthey are most influential when customers lack the data to make informed product choices and/or when the differentiation between competitors’ versions of the same product are small to non-existent. Additionally, brands take on more significance when consumers place great importance on the decision being made. Brand building can be done through series of activities such as 1. Internal company analysis 2. External audit 3.Finding opportunities 4. Designing identity of brand & Identify brand value proposition 5. Identify brand positioning basis 6. Build a brand through the marketing program 7.creating brand mening 8. Measuring brand performance aNlyze the internal environment about the Bank and find out the strength and weakness NBB has and what are its competitive advantages.(refer 1.3.1) After analyzing internal environment analyze the external environment where the Bank is Operting through PESTEL analsysis,Porters five force analysis,competitors and customers.(REFER 1.3.2,1.3.3,1.3.4) By analyzing the market and internal environment findout what are the opportunities available in the market for NBB to target and compete. Designing identity of the brand through finalizing through what are the products and service NBB is planning to provide for its customers and what is the value proposition the products and service has which will help customers to recognize the brand. Design brand positioning. After analyzing competitors market position NBB need to design

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