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Summary In Biblical literature, The Book of Genesis, contains the story of “Noah and the Great Flood” (Gn 6:5-9:29), which tells of Noah his wife, their three sons and their wives obeying the will of the god of Israel. The story takes place in 2400 B.C.E. when the god of Israel decides that humankind is wicked he tells Noah of the flood he will summon to wipe mankind out. The god does, however, see that Noah is just so he and his family will be spared. (Gn 6:9-6:10) The God of Israel gives Noah the task of building an ark for the flood that will destroy mankind and all of their wickedness. (Gn 6:14-6:17) The god of Israel gives tells Noah how to build the ark and to put one female and one male of every kind of animal onto his ark. (Gn 6:19-6:21) When the animals arrived his wife and three sons and put them on the board the ark. The god of Israel floods the Earth for forty days and forty nights and the remained for one hundred and fifty days. (Gn 7:6-7:23) After the waters recedes Noah and his family release the animals and Noah sets off to build an alter. (Gn 8:1-8:12) The alter gets the god of Israel’s attention and they restore the covenant, and Noah and his family was given the job of repopulating the Earth. (Gn 8:20-9:17) Noah then built a vineyard and began drinking the wine and consequently was drunk and naked. Ham, Noah’s son, came into tent and found his father naked; Ham sent his two brothers Japheth and Shem in to cover their father. When Noah awoke he cursed Canaan, Ham’s son, to slavery under Shem, and soon after Noah dies at the age of 950. (Gn 9:20-9:29) Analysis “Noah and the Great Flood” (Gn 6:5-9:29) is a story in The Book of Genesis that is written by two authors with one purpose in mind. Author J. was writing in 10th Century United Kindom and Author P. in 6th Century during the time of exile. They both have the same purpose and are from two

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