SPS 304 Drugs And Society: Discussion Questions

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| | | Drugs and Society SPS-304-GS Question #2 2a) The U.S. government had little to no laws about regulating the use or selling of drugs which is the laissez-faire attitude until the 1800’s. During the 21st century is when the U.S. started spending billions of dollars on trying to control the sale and purchase of drugs. Laws were instated that were signed and enforced to prevent the selling and purchasing of drugs. The U.S. government became concerned about toxicity, dependency, and crime surrounding the chemical substance. The government was worried that the seller was not properly identifying the chemical substance by labeling the item and stating what was in the substance. They were also worried that the purchaser was not aware of all the possible side effects that could happen when taking the substance. The U.S. was trying to stop the use of drugs to help prevent criminal acts that could possibly happen while under the influence. 2b) The DAWN program is that…show more content…
Studies have shown a decrease over the years that these needle exchange programs are reducing the risk and/or possibility of spreading deadly diseases amongst those who would share needles. These programs reduce healthcare coverage for both the insured and uninsured. Needle exchange programs reduce the chances of a bystander getting stuck by a needle that was just disposed of anywhere. As for the program being ethically acceptable I am not the judge. Even though there are laws stating you may not purchase or sell drugs some people are going to sell and use drugs anyway. The selling and purchasing of drugs is a big business. To some the consequences are not great enough to prevent them from breaking the law. The reason as to why an individual would go to such costly extremes depends on that individual’s life situations, finances, personality traits/character, personal beliefs, and
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