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_When I walked into SNAPS class I had mixed thoughts on how the semester would go, but as the school year is wrapping up, I am pleased with the new knowledge I have on autism. Throughout the year I had great pleasure working with Anders. I also enjoyed finding new ways to motivate him into working and make him smile. Not only did the book help explain problems with Anders and the solutions, but it also expanded my knowledge on autism. Although I am exited for summer, I am going to miss SNAPS class and the learning that came from it. _ Before entering SNAPS I thought it would be a class focused on only doing work with a peer with autism, but as the year progressed I found that we should also be helping our peer to figure out how children in society should behave too. I didn't think I would learn much because we were just doing simple work with kids who have autism, but that was not the case. For example, while reading the book one of the things that stuck in my…show more content…
In the beginning of the semester I read the work book to him, but now he simply follows my finger and reads the words I point to. Also, in the beginning of the semester Anders took longer to work and got frustrated very easily, but now he pulls through and finishes his work much faster. While we worked I promised him songs and stories that reminded him that if he works he can have fun after. After reading a specific chapter in the book I found that I should listen to his scripting and not ignore it, because it's his way of trying to tell someone what he needs. I also learned from you, Mrs. Beitner, that when Anders says or does something wrong I should correct him by saying things like: "is that ok?" Or, "are we allowed to do that?" So he thinks about the problem. I believe Anders had a very productive year and I'm proud to be apart of

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