S.S Computer Zone Essay

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(a) Definition, Investigation and Analysis (i) Definition – Nature of the Problem Brief Description of the Organization: S.S Computer Zone is a business located in one of the densely populated dominion of ---------- known as ----------- Town. It offers computer related services and solutions ranging from sales of computer accessories to installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software. Most of the products which are for sale have limited warranty time period and are repaired or get changed if get malfunctioned according to warranty terms and conditions. Statement of Problem: Mr. Dilshoo, The owner of the store is facing difficulty in keeping the current and past sales record. As the business is quite popular among the residential of -------- Town and it’s almost five to six years of good-will services, the previous sales record is arduous to keep. The transaction record is kept on regular basis. As the entire system is handled manually, it’s intricate to maintain current and past year sales record of the hardware being sold so I am here to abet him and provide an alternative solution probably computerized solution for record handling which will surely abate difficulties and smoothen the entire system. Current Method Used: A customer might come to the store for purchasing new computer hardware, maintenance of it or to claim the warranty of malfunctioned hardware being purchased earlier. When the customer comes for buying a new hardware and asks Mr. Dilshoo for availability. Mr. Dilshoo strolls in the store and searches for the product being asked. If it is available in the stock then Mr. Dilshoo tells about features and price. If the customer wishes to buy it, a sale form is prepared by writing the date, customer’s name, contact number and hardware details along with the its cost and a duplicate copy of the record is kept by Mr. Dilshoo for
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