S. A Novel About The Balkans Essay

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RS 229 Professor Greeley August 19, 2011 “S. S. A Novel About The Balkans is the story of a young women who is uproot from her home, is subject to mass brutality, and losses herself from acts of genocide and war. S goes through her experiences at a camp in Bosnia where she is starved, beaten, and raped. She continues her journey to a refugee camp in Zagreb where she tried to overcome and move on from her horrors. She ends her story in Stockholm Sweden where she shows us her inner struggle dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. Her story is one of survival, strength, and the hardship of trying to be moral in the presents of war. The choices that S makes throughout the story are difficult and pose questions about moral integrality. It is hard to say what a person would do in the unfortunate position S is put in. The choice of survival over moral correctness and the though of putting other before yourself is strenuous in live or death circumstances. Throughout the book she makes decisions that had she not, her end result could have been drastically different. Her first major decision is to succumb to the war willingly. “She hears a commotion on the stairs and the shuffling of feet in front of the door to her apartment…It is only then that it occurs to her that she could have fled.” (p.13). This choice is most likely the one that would haunt a person, but as S says herself, she never really believed it would happen to her in her small village. Even as S climbs on to a bus, not knowing where she is being taken, she thinks to herself how the women of the village wait patiently. The men have been killed, but “It is their submissiveness that shocks S more than anything else.” (p.23). After arriving in the camp the disbelief of heir reality in which these women have to live is making S feel as though she is torn between her past and her present, she feels

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