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Ryan Taber Mrs. Sager March, 6, 2012 Chem. Honors Adendum #1 Classification metal/nonmetal, penny in HCL, Identity of gas, Identify unknown beads, pickle. * Prior Knowledge to performing this lab: In order to perform this lab our group needed to know a few basic terms before we could start. The most important part of all these labs which I have grouped into one addendum is electrons. Electrons (e-) are subatomic particles; electrons have a neglible mass and are negatively charged. Electrons are located outside of the nucleus and fly around the nucleus at high-speed following no path or pattern. Other important terms that were necessary to know before completing this lab were the oxidation state, number and what an oxidation agent was. The oxidation state of an atom in a chemical compound shows how intensely an atom is oxidized a free element always has an oxidation state of one. An oxidation number is the charge of an ion or the apparent charge of a nonmetal atom in a covalent bond. We also needed to know different types of reactions such as a Redox reaction. * Materials: Classification metal/nonmetal, penny in HCL, identify of gas, identify unknown beads, 1. HCL 2. Penny 3. Charcoal 4. Metal balls 5. Conductivity tester 6. 1 beaker 7. 2 test tubes * Materials: pickle lab 1. Pickle 2. Negative and positive ends of a electrical outlet cord 3. Fume hood 4. Electricity * Procedure: Classification metal / nonmetal lab 1. Touch both the negative and positive sides of the conductivity tester to the object. 2. Look at led, if the led blinks rapidly this means the object is conductive. 3. Test each object at least twice to ensure there are no human errors. * Procedure: Penny in HCl 1. Add 25 drops of HCL into test tube using a dropper. 2. Add four balls of metal into the test tube

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