Rwservation For Women Essay

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The bill was passed by the government along with 93 rd amendment act to enact the legislation on the same. The story is not complete. There are various loose threads in the whole development. Since then student community did their arms up in opposition to such caste based reservation. Issue is alive as Supreme Court is hearing petitions on the issue. Earlier Supreme Court stayed the implementation of the legislation but two days ago Supreme Court asked the petitioner what is wrong in giving 27% reservation to a population which constitutes 52% of the total population. Before we jump to any hasty conclusion let’s consider some important aspects of the prevailing situations and different facts related to the story including the motive of government behind this piece of cake called ‘Reservation’. Even after 60 years of independence government has failed to provide education to all even at primary level (if we leave manipulated official statistics). There is no qualitative education for the 70% of population living in villages. One questionable aspect of the basis of reservation is who are the weaker sections? Do ‘weaker sections’ ‘backward classes’ and so called ‘lower castes’ denote the same fraction of society? This in itself a debatable issue on which none has clear cut answers. Can each and everyone out of 52% be provided relief by 27% reservation? Who will take care of the left ones? If backward class is the same as lower caste the question arises does everyone needs this positive discrimination to rise in society. What about those 30% selections in IAS exams belonging to OBC category. Reservation in spite of all the claims of social justice and equity seem to be a face-saving posture and a curtain to cover their failure to create the necessary and required infrastructure for the countrymen. The only solution for the problems of people with the

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