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EVA KNIGHT STUDENT ID NUMBER 1066719 SCS 130-INTRODUCTION TO INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIA. In what way Ruth Hearty’s 1999 autobiography illuminates the impacts on the family, education and employment of being “Under the Act” (protectionist legislation on indigenous Queenslanders). The purpose of this essay is to understand the life of the indigenous Australian, that impact in family, education and employment being “Under the Act”. Firstly we discussed about the family, secondly the education and third unemployment. Finally, the essay will give understanding of the life of Indigenous people. The British claimed possession of the Australian continent, and had power to dispossession of the Indigenous land. European settlement swept over Aboriginal land. The central argument that the Aboriginal land was taken from the British settlement, and Aboriginal seen to be as inherently incapable of become useful participants in the developing colonies: an archaic people destined to disappear before the racial and cultural superiority of the Europeans, and the Aboriginal labour was needed. (McGregor, 1997). The “Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897” (Qld) protectionist policy proposed by Archibald Meson and was introduced with added restriction on the sale of opium. The 1897 Act stated that, these act allowed government officials under the control of the Chief Protector and, after 1939, Director of Native Affairs to ‘remove’ Indigenous people to and between reserves and to separate children from their families. The 1897 Act also provided that ‘orphaned and ‘deserted’, ‘half caste’ children could be removed to an orphanage. The 1897 Act created a system of almost complete control over every aspect of the lives of Indigenous people in ways that were unthinkable for almost all non-Indigenous adults. The book “Is that you Ruthie” highlighted the

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