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Russo Japanese War Essay

  • Submitted by: rla4211
  • on May 6, 2014
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Russo-Japanese War (1904)

Joshua Kim
Due: 04/10/2014

In 1900s there were many wars including World War I and World War II that was going on in and outside the Europe. These wars were mostly happened due to imperialism movement which powerful countries wanted to conquer a country and build a colony for natural resources and other purposes. Russia and Japan were one of them. Russia, which was located in the cold weather climate, always wanted a warm water sea port which will make their world trade easier and don’t have to worry about weather. Japan, on the other hand, was located on an island which always made them want to expand their country on to the main continent. This longing for their advantage had eventually led them to Russo-Japanese War. This war was very interesting because this war was a David and Goliath spectrum where everyone thought it was impossible for a small Asia country Japan to defeat Russia which was one of the powerful European Empire. However, Japan was preparing the war way before the actual war began and Russia did not see this war coming at all. Also, other interesting factor was that with the tactics and preparation that Japan had, Japan actually did not lose a single battle during the war. There were times that the results were inconclusive, but most of the times it was Japan’s victory. Historically, this major war between Russia and Japan goes way back to 1590s, when Japan was longing to invade Korea and China to expand their country into a continent.
In 1592, when Japan was under the dictator Hideyoshi, they attempted to invade China through Korea. Japan fought Chinese for six years and in 1598, after Japan suffered a major defeat by Chinese, Japan agreed to sign peace terms and withdraw from Korean peninsula.1 Japan remained as closed society until 1853, when Commodore Perry opened Japan to American and world trade by gifts and threats.2 At this point, Japan had two choices. They can...

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