Russian Social Revolution

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Why did the first socialist revolution take place in Russia? The history of Russia is vast and complex; much like the country itself. During the period of the revolution it was a land of huge contrasts[1]. These contrasts had an influence on the revolution that occurred. The first social revolution came about during a period of great change not only in Russia but throughout Europe. These changes developed across a wide spectrum, such as from religion to politics, from economic development and from changes in the societies of Europe as a whole. A lot of the change occurred on the back of the industrial revolution and the competition between the various powers in Europe to be the best, the strongest and the most advanced, both socially and technologically. This essay will try to give and insight into the background of the socialist revolution; what were the main triggers or causes which eventually led to the conflict, what were the main challenges which the Russian empire faced at the time. This will be explored alongside the ways in which developments in revolutionary methods were to the fore throughout Europe during this period. The outcomes of the revolution and its future influences will also be examined as there is huge change and upheaval involved. The period before the first social revolution in Russia was one of change. There was an erosion of the old order in Europe. There was movement away from the old ways which concerned the collective and towards what was best for the individual. The move towards a more humanist or autonomous society was common in Europe during this period. It was also a period of population growth. During the late nineteenth century there were very similar patterns of population growth on the continent, a change that disproved the Malthusian concept of population growth and sustainability. The growth of ones population was
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