Russian Revolution Essay

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RUSSIAN REVOLUTION 1.Who was the Royal family in Russia at the beginning of the 20th. Century? The Romanov 2. What kind of power did they have? Absolute 3. What does that mean? That they had total control over Russians 4. How did the peasants and factory workers live? Under very poor conditions 5. Against what country was Russia fighting in 1904 and 1905? Japan 6. What lands were they fighting for? For territories in China and Korea 7. What happened on Bloody Sunday, January 22, 1905? Hundreds of pacific marchers were killed in St. Petersburg 8. What did this event spark? A revolution 9. Who were the soviets? Worker councils who led the revolution 10. What was the Duma? The Russian Parliament 11. What did the creation of the Duma cause? It calmed the revolution 12. Why did Russia lose battles in World War I? The soldiers had old weapons and the best officers died. 13. When the Russian soldiers returned home from World War I, what conditions did they find in Russia? There was no work and no food. The living conditions were very poor 14. What was Czar Nicholas II forced to do? To abdicate or give up the throne 15. Who ran the new government? The soviets 16. Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks? Vladimir Lenin 17. When did the new revolution begin? On November 7, 1917 18. Whose ideas did Vladimir Lenin follow? Karl Marx’s ideas. 19. What is communism? A system in which the government and the community own the land. 20 The communist army was known as… the Red Army 21. Those who fought against communism were called…. White Army 22. What happened to the Czar and his family? Vladimir Lenin ordered the soldiers to kill them. 23. What

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