Russia, How Far Was Stolypin Able to Stabalize Russia?

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Reading Task 6 – How far was Stolypin able to stabilize Russia? Repression: * What actions did Stolypin take to restore order after 1905? Stolypin joined the council of ministers in 1906 and quickly became its chairman, equivalent to a prime minister which meant he was in a perfect position to re-establish political authority. Although the 1905 revolution had been crushed there was peasant unrest throughout 1906 and 1907, in 1907 1200 government officials were murdered in terrorist attacks by revolutionaries. * Stolypin met the terror with terror, 1144 death sentences were handed out in the period between October 1906 and May 1907. * Between 1906 and 1912 a thousand newspapers ceased publication and six hundred trade unions were forced to close. * During 1908 and 1909 the courts convicted 16,500 of political crimes of which 3600 were sentenced to death and 4,500 to hard labour in prison camps. * In 1908 political assassinations by revolutionaries had fallen to 365. Reform: * How and why did Stolypin try to reform agriculture? He wanted to modernise Russian agriculture not just to produce higher yields, but to create a more prosperous class of peasant who he believed would be more loyal to the tsarist system. * 9th November 1906 he introduced a law which freed peasants from their commune. To leave a commune, a peasant no longer needed permission from the majority of its members. * 15th November the peasant land bank was instructed to give loans to peasants who wanted to leave the commune * New year’s day 1907, all redemption payments were abolished * June 1910 another reform dissolved all the communes where no distribution of land had taken place since the emancipation of the Serfs in 1861. * Peasants were encouraged to move to the undeveloped agriculture areas of Siberia with the incentive of cheap land
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