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From the 1450 to 1750, Russia and Western Europe had both went through many various political and religious movements such as the Protestant reformation and the Catholic reformation. One other major movement was the Renaissance which had caused the many divisions of Europe by the sixteenth century. These movements greatly changed the daily lives of the people. Even though the two regions are located on different sides of the same continent, they had gone through similar phases in order to transform and develop their political economic systems. Both regions had believed the central rule authority was given by the ruler, not church. In Western Europe, secularism was promoted in the Renaissance and after the Renaissance. This event made religion and its power over people to decline. The princes of Germany slowly started to believe in Lutheranism and saw it as a way to escape paying taxes. Unfortunately Martin Luther’s efforts to stop corruption in the Catholic Church were misunderstood and caused revolts. Christian unity ended in the West with the thirty years’ war. The German and Swedish Protestants lost to the Holy Roman emperor and Spain. They agreed on a peace settlement that allowed their rulers and cities to choose their official religion. The settlement also gave the Protestant Netherlands freedom from Spain. The most important effect of this war was newly found balance between power and political structure in Europe. Religion was seen separate from daily life and literacy started to spread out quickly. However, Russia’s culture was influenced by the Byzantine. Russia wasn’t seen as important in world affairs up until the fifteenth century. Russia was freed from the rule of the Mongols during the 1400’s and with the reign of Ivan 3rd, the government was based on military with a mix of nationalism and Orthodox Christian religion, became an independent state.

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