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There is a lot of history in Russia but it all started in the mid 9th century. The Northern Europe started to venture along the waterways from the eastern Baltic to the Black and Caspian Sea. The first East Slavic State emerged. They started to trade along the river route. Kievan Rus’ controlled the trade route for fur, wax, and slaves. The land was mostly populated by Eastern Slavic tribes. By the end of the 10th century they had merged with the Slavic population. This influenced many religious beliefs. In 988 Russia adopted Christianity. A few years later the first code of laws was introduced. It was named Russkaya Pravda. In the mid 13th century Alexander Nevsky was elected Prince of Novgorod. He helped protect the people and assisted in fighting invaders from the west. Eastern influence remained strong until and 17th century. This is when the Russian rulers tried to modernize the country. In 1283 Moscow expelled the Tatars from Russia. The principality’s prestige became the center of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Metropolitan fled from Kiev to Vladimen. In 1301 they established a permanent headquarter for the Church in Moscow. It was under the original title of Kiev Metropolitan. Moscow’s leadership in Russia was banned by the middle of the 14th century. By this time it had expanded through purchase, war and marriage. The Novgorod Republic fell in 1478. In 1601-1603 Russia had extremely cold summers that wrecked crops. In February of 1613, they held a National assembly. It had representatives from fifty cities and even some peasants attended. At this assembly they elected Michal Romanov to the throne. He ruled Russia until 1917. Russia and Sweden had a conflict with each other. In 1619 Russia later had an opportunity the make peace. Later in 1672, Peter the Great came to rule. He helped Russia a lot in their state system. In 1799 the Suvorov

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