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Russia, is Anyone There? Russia is one of the few world powers, yet Russia seems to be in a struggle of survival. For multiple reasons the population growth is in a steady drop. According to the article entitled “Population Decline and Population Aging in the Russian Federation” authored by Svetlana Nikitina, she explains that in the peak year of 1991, Russia hit the population of 148,689,000. That was before the break of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the Russian population crises. By the year of 2000 Russia hit 145.6 million. That is a one per cent drop alone (Nikitina). Russia is the biggest single country in the world in landmass, yet it faces a serious crisis that could potentially end the regime before the end of the 21st century. How is this possible? One of the world super powers is at risk of losing everything on the account of a population decline. The reasons as to why this could be are leveled down to four major components. The four components are low birth rates, high death rates, low immigration/high emigration and also standard of living. With these multiple influences, Russia is at a steady pace for failure unless the birth rates conquer the death rates, and the emigration is lower than the immigration. Vladimir Putin, who is the current Russian Prime Minister, said that “In a global sense we are facing the risk of turning into an empty space whose fate will not be decided by us”. He went on with his campaign for pro population saying he would give £140 a month as a benefit to women who mother a third child in order to help put a halt to the declining population. On the website Diplomatic Courier, an article by Richard Rousseau, entitled “The Coming Global Population Decline”, he states that “In the past twenty years, Russia’s population has shrunk by eight million”. By the year 2050, Russia may hit a plummeting census of

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