Rush Home Road

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Rush Home Road Essay distractions People face dilemmas and obstacles in their life in order to develop in some way. A person can acquire a heap of knowledge and develop mentally by becoming independent through personal life experiences. Forming relationships enables one to grow mature. In the novel, Rush Home Road, by Lori Lansens, the main character, Adelaide Shadd, overcomes obstacles through personal life experiences and by forming new bonds. Personal life capabilities helps one to overcome the obstacle of loss by facing similar situations and getting used to a new environment. In fact, losing a loved one helps an individual to prepare to face similar situations in the future. For example, Addy loses so many people throughout the novel that she eventually gets used to it. To handle the death of her first baby, Addy decides to leave Detroit and find another home: "The wind shook the windowpanes and the house on Chestnut Street groaned at the loss of yet another soul. Addy was still weak from the efforts of her labour, and still sore and bleeding, but she knew she had to leave and she had to leave today" (Lansens 271). Then, when Addy loses Chick, she handles the situation in a better way: "She would not pass through the big oak doors though. Instead she climbed the fire escape stairs, stepping around Mr. Baldwin's winter wood and kindling, intent on keeping her memories at bay" (Lansens 472). Addy is able to overcome the feeling of hurt fast after the death of her second child because she already faces a similar dilemma with her first child. She leaves a whole country to conquer the feeling of loss of her first child whereas she simply decides to ignore the passage her family used to take together in her building after her second child dies. As a result of facing similar situations, one is able to surmount a feeling of loss through repeated exposures of it.
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