Rural, Suburban and Urban Essay

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Rural, Suburban, and Urban Issues Worksheet Determine whether the following issues are associated with a rural, suburban, or urban community. Highlight your answer. Your answers may be a mix of two or all three. Provide a rationale for your answer by explaining why you think the issue is associated with this community. 1. Not enough public transportation – Rural, Suburban, or Urban Rural and suburban-These areas most likely will not have enough transportation. Generally, people living in these areas have their own transportation. The suburban area is rapidly catching up with the urban areas due to public transportation expanding their routes more frequently. 2. Roads – Rural, Suburban, or Urban Urban, rural, suburban – There are plenty of roads in the U.S., and with the fast-pace building of new roads throughout the states, it affects all areas. In the city of Houston, one road can take you through each of these areas with little hassle, which is a good thing in many ways. 3. Traffic – Rural, Suburban, or Urban Suburban and urban- These areas are the most likely to have traffic do to the amount of people that live in the area. Because these areas are heavily populated morning and evening traffic is very likely. 4. Access to public services – Rural, Suburban, or Urban Suburban and Urban- The rural areas are more countryside territories therefore public busses and cabs seldom travel through their. 5. Gang violence on the street – Rural, Suburban, or Urban Rural, Suburban, Urban- Gangs have no jurisdiction they began in the urban areas and migrated into the rural and suburban areas. 6. Gang activity in schools – Rural, Suburban, or Urban Rural, suburban, Urban- There is gang activity in all schools, whether it is violent gang activity or harmless activity. There are gangs of every kind, race, and gender. 7. School funding
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