Rural Marketing: Issues & Challenges Essay

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MAIN THEME RURAL OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIA SUB - THEME RURAL MARKETING: ISSUES & CHALLENGES Author Mr.Manish Jha Sr. Asst.Professor-Department of Management Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology Mob: 9910073774 Ms. Anshika Singh Asst.Professor-Department of Management Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology Mob: 971106678 ABSTRACT The Indian rural market with its vast size and large potential base offers huge opportunities to marketers. The nineties saw widespread changes in the Indian business environment. Urban markets for consumer goods either got saturated or were badly hit by recession phenomena. A fear of competition in urban markets and huge opportunities in rural markets forced all marketing strategist to enter the rural markets. In the modern rural market there is converging trend which may be obstacle for rural marketing process. Rural consumer behavior is converging with urban consumer behavior. Because of urban orientation, changes in socio-economic and cultural environment increase in income and education, a new trend in consumer behavior is converging in rural markets. According to Craig & Douglas (2011) it is found that marketing strategy must be developed de novo as strategies adopted in developed markets are not adapted to rural market conditions. This must be based on a thorough understanding of consumers, particularly their multiple roles as producers and consumers. In addition, firms need to focus on finding ways to empower consumers and enhance their ability to consume, by integrating them into the value delivery system. Marketers and advertisers are nowadays worried in the way to develop a model which will influence the converging rural consumer behavior in India over a long period of time. A new trend in rural consumer behavior creates an ideal opportunity for companies to

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