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Mission Statement RUP1 Keri Philp Washington Governors University

MISSION STATEMENT Mission Statement RUP1 A.Differences Between a Regulatory Agency and a Professional Nursing Organization. Within the mission statement for the Washington Board of Nursing (Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission) is “…to assure safe/quality nursing care for the people of Washington
State” (Washington State Department of Health, 2014). Regulatory agencies such as the


Washington State Board of Nursing implement public safety by regulating the standards of nursing conduct and practice, licensing and continuing education for nurses by defining the scope of nursing practice, monitoring and auditing required continuing education credits (CE) and providing nurse licensure testing for qualified individuals. The board of nursing also investigates public and professional complaints against licensed practitioners. If the investigation of the accusations leads to verification of the complaint the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission enforces disciplinary action which can include revocation of the practitioner’s license. Professional nursing organizations such as the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS) provide clinical documentation improvement specialists (CDIS) with a multitude of resources related to improvement and growth within this field. The ACDIS provides information regarding conferences, workshops, and available continuing education courses related to the education and updated information for CDIS. Through a board of experienced clinical documentation specialists, eligibility requirements have been established to offer a certified clinical documentation specialist credentialing program. The ACDIS also raises public awareness of the importance of the CDIS nurse and offers a week of recognition to


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