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Project in Professional Roles and Values RUP1 May 15, 2014 Nurses are held to a higher standard than many people know. Not only is admission to accredited nursing programs extremely competitive, but the rigorous programs are ever evolving to keep in compliance with the regulatory agencies of your state as well as the professional nursing organizations that call for higher standards for nurses and nursing programs. Many people think that nurses go to school, take a test and then become a Registered Nurse. What they don’t realize is that there are differences in many programs offered. There are guidelines from the State Board of Nursing (BRN) that make a program acceptable to that individual state, but there is also Professional Nursing…show more content…
They both set standards that hold nurses accountable for their actions and govern nurses during their professional practice. Through the ANA’s “Code of Ethics”, a nurse is influenced on the way they chose to practice. The Code of Ethics is concerned with the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of nurses and our patients. It is a standard or guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care. The Code of Ethics is an expected behavior of nurses in relation to what is considered right and wrong. It is about how we conduct ourselves as nurses and speaks about our character. There are nine provisions in the ANA’s Code of Ethics. The two that have influenced me the most in my practice is provision #1 and provision #3. In provision #1, the main theme is compassion. I feel I have utilized compassion on a daily basis in my 35 years of practice in the medical field. Compassion comes in many forms. From holding a scared patients hand before surgery, holding a mothers hand as she hears a physician tell her there is nothing else they can do for her dying child, or taking an extra minute of time when you are already behind by checking in on your patients and making sure their needs are met. It is going above and beyond just being “your nurse” and making your patient feel like you are truly there for them. In provision #3, the main focus is being a patient…show more content…
It was during the Crimean War that Florence noticed that environment played a large part in how soldiers healed. The focus of nursing in this theory is to alter the patient's environment in order to affect change in his or her health. Nightingale’s theory impacts my professional practice every day. Whether it is when I worked in the Newborn Intensive Care or now that I work in the Progressive Care Unit, Nightingale’s theory is utilized by me. The environmental factors from the theory are: fresh air, clean water, adequate food supply, efficient drainage, a clean patient and environment, and light (especially direct sunlight). If any of these environmental factors are lacking, the patient may experience decreased or slow healing. Since I work night shift, my goals for caring for my patients and implementing Nightingale’s Environment Theory is to make sure my patient get to wash their faces and hands, and brush their teeth before bed. Making sure they have clean linens and a comfortable room temperature is important for comfortable rest and most importantly, lighting and noise control. The theory states they need light; however, at night our goal is to promote rest. By providing a dim lighting, closing doors and minimizing noise in the hallways by speaking in a low voice, I am promoting healing. This theory is evident in modern-day application as my

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