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“Juvenile Offenders in Adult Prisons: How they Survive” Samuel K. Battle Jr. Reginald Dwayne Betts was born in a city in San Diego. Dwayne was raised in Suitland, MD, a small city in the DC Metropolitan area. On December 8, 1996 Dwayne went from being an everyday boy in the neighborhood, having dreams of become a basketball player and college ambitions in his head, to another young black male behind bars. In thirty seconds he became a just another statistic, A Question of Freedom, is about everything he did when he was in prison to make his life more than the moments that left him standing before a judge in a Fairfax County Courtroom. A Question of Freedom shows his vacation away from the neighborhoods he called home to the prison cells where he spent most of his teenage years and early 20s. At the age of sixteen, R. Dwayne Betts—a good student from a lower-middle-class family—carjacked a man with a friend. He had never held a gun before, but within a matter of minutes he had committed six felonies. A bright young kid, he served his nine-year sentence as part of the adult population in some of the worst prisons in the state. A Question of Freedom is a story with the unique twist that it takes place in prison and with the growing realization that he really is not going home any time soon, Dwayne ask himself questions about violence, freedom, crime, race, and the justice system. Above all, A Question of Freedom is about a quest for identity one that guarantees Dwayne's survival in a hostile environment that incorporates an understanding of how his own past led to the moment of his

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