Examples Of Conflict In Run Sheep Run

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Hard Times with Mattie, Nancy, and Rick In “Run, Sheep, Run” by Rosemary Howland, there are a lot of conflicts between Nancy Martin, Rick Sanders, Barney Tates, Peggy Allen, Mattie Babcock, Laurie Nelson, and Beth Wade. One of the conflicts that happen in this story is that Nancy's friends are making fun of Mattie. In the beginning she thinks that it is funny so she makes fun of her, and laughs at what they say about her. After a while, she thinks that it is not that funny anymore, and wants to tell her friends that Mattie is not that bad, but then she thinks about her reputation and would not want to ruin it. Therefore, Nancy did not say anything to Mattie. Another conflict that happened is when Mattie Babcock and Rick Sanders were put

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