Run Lola Run/Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Dv Analysis

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Distinctively visual texts strive to introduce new ways in which an audience can interpret and explore the images we are presented with, which in turn can affect the way we make interpretations of situations we encounter in our lives. 'Lola Rennt', a German film directed by Tom Tykwer which translates to 'Run Lola Run', uses significant images and themes to present the viewer with an intriguing, thrilling film. Through the recurring use of motifs and symbols such as clocks, Tykwer places a strong emphasis on the importance of time, as the protagonist Lola is on a quest to find a solution that will save her boyfriend within the span of 20 minutes. In contrast, 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' by T. S. Eliot represents a narrator who is complacent and believes that there is 'time yet for a hundred indecisions', the complete opposite of Tykwer's representation of humanity's tendency to rush from one destination to another. Even from the very beginning of the film, time is the most significant element explored throughout 'Run Lola Run'. In the opening sequence, the viewer observes the large, monster-shaped pendulum of a clock swinging from side to side across the screen. Accompanied by the diegetic sound of a clock ticking rapidly, the sequence implies the importance of the motif. The viewer observes another clock in Lola's bedroom when she runs from it, a clock outside Manni's phone booth, and Lola constantly asks other characters for the time as she runs. Also included in the opening sequence is the use of a simplistic animated short, which becomes a recurring technique used to further emphasise Lola's urgency and one-track mindset. Conversely, Eliot uses flowery, descriptive language to metaphorically paint a picture of someone who feels they have all the time in the world. “And indeed there will be time, to wonder 'Do I dare?' and 'Do I dare?', time to turn

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