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Run Lola Run Distinctively Visual Essay

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  • on October 12, 2013
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Distinctively visual elements shown by composers help alter an individuals perspective on the text. A text is constituted to be distinctively visual by the images and techniques used by the composer. These elements are evident in the film ' Run Lola Run ' directed by Tom Tykwer and Shaun tan's award winning picture book, 'The red tree'. 'Run lola run' tells the story of a red-haired ,fiery girl named Lola which needs to acquire 100,000 german marks , in order to pay off her boyfriends debt with the gang lords. Failure to pay the money within 20 minutes will result in her boyfriend being killed. As a result of this fast paced plot the composer has created, it keeps the audience on their feet.

Visual elements in a text can increase the individuals understanding of the text. Tom tykwer uses a non-linear structure by representing the 20 minutes that Lola has to retrieve the money, relating this to the 20 minutes of real time that the film is played. The narrative is split into three 20 minute sequences. With each sequence Lola learning something new which significantly has an effect on the final outcome. This shows that Lola is in a race-against-time to help save her boyfriend. Tykwer is trying to show that by correcting past mistakes can help the individual in accomplishing achievements.

A characters personality or situation can be explored through significant visual elements. This is evident in the way tom tykwer expresses the use of symbolism towards the character manni. Manni is Lola's boyfriend which is in need of the 100'000 marks after having lost it on a train. Manni is often filmed within a box, more commonly a telephone box. Boxes symbolise entrapment and tykwer, by filming Manni within entrapped enviroments tells us that manni is currently in a situation where he is trapped and needs help to get out. In relation to the responder it shows us that sometimes in life we need help to get out of situations, and without help we are trapped.

'The Red Tree’...

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