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Our understanding of ourselves and the people around us can be challenged by powerful images introduced in distinctly visual texts; however the images themselves may be meaningless if not supported by the ideas behind them. Such ideas, created through clever techniques allows for the generation of interest and draws the responder into the experience of others and at the same time, an experience for themselves is created. The combination of the strong images, creative techniques, supported by simple - or complex - ideas are what make the images powerful and possible to provoke our thinking. This is heavily evident in both the 1998 German crime thriller film ‘Run Lola Run’ directed & written by Tom Tykwer, along with popular Australian photograph ‘The Sunbaker’ by Max Dupain. Through both texts, the responder is able to be drawn into the experience of others with the use of visual techniques such as colour and the use of ‘flash forwards’ which too create ideas such as self-awareness and understanding. In terms of Run Lola Run, Tykwer effectively uses distinctive images to create themes or ideas to draw the responder into the experience of others. Such themes include Chance and this can be simplified to the occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause. The idea however is created through the use of visual techniques and this is evident in the repetitious use of flash forwards. This technique occurs in every run however each life is altered due to the difference in time. The audience therefore witnesses the lives change for the people that Lola encounters along the way and also shows how Lola’s individual life changes. In more detail, this is exemplified with a lady with a pram. In the first two runs, Lola makes some form of contact with the lady, causing an unruly response, however in the last run Lola misses her. In each case the future

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