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Run Lola Run Essay

  • Submitted by: lauraeats
  • on October 4, 2013
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The film is filled with motifs; clock, spirals, red/green, glass, and running. Trace several of these through the movie. Where do you find them? What is their significance in the larger story?

Run Lola Run follows a woman who must get 100,000 in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend. The obvious motif through this story would be time, or more specifically clocks, since all of the scenes are all different by only a few initial actions that change the course of everyone’s fate.   Time controls the actions and outcomes of Lola throughout the film. The image of the cuckoo clock with the black background in the opening scene instantly suggests that time is the main focus of the film. The importance of time is also represented through the close up shots of the pendulum and the grandfather clock in the opening scene. This sets the tone for the dramatic story ahead. Throughout the film, Lola needs time to slow down, but the background sound of the rapid ticking suggests that time doesn’t slow down.

The overpowering nature of time is displayed through the use of split screen, where Lola and Manni are split under the clock which is overlooking their actions. The use of slow motion in the split screen emphasis’s the importance of time. Even the slightest misuse of time could alter the outcomes of the future. When talking about the past at the beginning, there is black and white; however, during this scene after one dies where we see the two of them lying in bed together is shown through a red filter. This contributes to the other motif of the color red. There are various red objects which are important, such as the phone and a bag used to rob the store, as well as her punky red hair. Her vibrant hair shows that she doesn’t fit in where she lives.

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