Run Lola Run

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“When we understand the visual elements of a text we understand the individuality and reality of a character or the text.” | Through the techniques available to them in texts, composers are able to portray certain realities about people and their meaningful experiences they go through in their lives. In “Run Lola Run” a film by German director Tom Tykwer, he presents through his unique and distinctive text the importance of love and relationships. It is the choices we make on a daily basis, some major, some minor and how they add significant meaning to our lives and the outcomes of these particular choices can inadvertently determine an individual’s fate. The composer also reveals just how far and individual is willing to push themselves to protect or ultimately save the life of the ones they love. In addition to the prescribed text “Run Lola Run”, the famous image “the burning monk” by Malcolm brown and the short film “Voice over” by Martin Rosete are also explored. When placed under large amounts of pressure an individual’s love for someone may be the only thing pushing them to succeed but unfortunately love may not always prevail. We must be aware of this harsh reality in order to function on a rational level. Through close up camera shots and the duologue between Manni and Lola speaking on the phone the composer skilfully portrays the desperation of Lola as she makes the choice to help Manni raise 100 00 marks in 20 minutes to effectively save his life. The composer reveals to the audience that Lola’s deep love for Manni overpowers her ability to think rationally as she willinging agrees to obtaining such a large sum of money with no idea how she will achieve this goal. Lola’s deep love for Manni is then highlighted again through the composers use of cut shots and close ups in the confrontational scene with Lola and her father in which Lola makes the

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