Run Lola Run

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How does this director, Tom Tykwer, attract the attention of the audience in the opening moments of the film, ‘Run Lola Run’? The film ‘Run Lola Run’ (1998) directed by Tom Tykwer attracts the attention of the audience in the opening scenes by the various film techniques used particularly the visual techniques and aspects used throughout the film, such as recurring motifs, colour , animation, camera shots and angles and editing. The recurring motifs are the recurring show the ticking clock and the importance of time used throughout the film. Throughout the film time is crucial, as the film is about Lola only having 20 minutes to find 100,000marks to save her boyfriend Manni’s life. In the opening scenes there is a swinging pendulum as names past by, the swinging pendulum allows us to hold our eyes to the pendulum which helps establish the importance of time. The clock used in the opening scenes is shaped as a gargoyle which most people will see as an evil figure, in this film time is very crucial so the clock was represented as a gargoyle to show the importance of time and show if one little mistake and delay will play the whole film is affected. Another recurring motif is soccer, the theme of this film is about game play which soccer is timed, has set rules and strategies. Throughout the film game play would be needed to save Manni’s life and find 100,000marks in the limited time of 20 minutes. One security guard holds up the soccer ball and starts off with a quote “The ball is round; the game only lasts 90 minutes. That much is clear. Everything else is theory”. The setting of the characters could also be a recurring motif as in the opening scenes Manni is in the yellow telephone booth, boxed in whereas Lola is in an open space and free. This shows that Manni is trapped with problems he can’t solve and Lola is seen as a heroic figure and trying to help Manni
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