Rumor Of War Essay

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A Rumor of War In the autobiography A Rumor of War, Philip Caputo shares his experiences of the Vietnam War with the world. His rude awakening of the reality of war captivates readers as he reveals his struggles during the vigorous fight between Vietnam and America. This novel provides insight from the viewpoint of a soldier who witnessed the fighting first hand. Many people are not aware of the physical and emotional damages caused by war, and Caputo brings these emotions to life as he reveals the truth behind the war. The beginning of the novel introduces us to Caputo in his early twenties. After living a comfortable life for so many years, he feels the need for danger and excitement to make himself feel alive. Events throughout the novel bring Caputo to the conclusion that war equals death. His romanticized idea of war deteriorates as the war progresses. He, along with his fellow soldiers, has become nothing more than a man plagued with sadness, anger, madness, and fear brought about by the pointless war. After Caputo and the men of C Company gained unification and brotherhood, he is ripped away from them. Orders lead him back to Okinawa, Japan to prepare for another job. His new job requires keeping track of the casualties of the war. The job brings much discomfort to him and he begins to grasp reality more and more. The source of Caputo’s dissatisfaction comes from the continuous and ongoing deaths of American soldiers. He begins to question the purpose of the war and why America is in Vietnam. As Caputo continues his job, three casualties are reported from his company. Caputo begins questioning the war in greater depth after the death of Walter Levy, a man he trained with at Quantico, is reported. There was a great divide with the system in the Vietnam War. On one side there were soldiers front line in the urgency of the fight experiencing

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