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Rule Suburbia 1. Another factor that has led to the rise of the suburbs is the new technology. According to the U.S. Census, people who work at home “has grown 23 percent over the past decade”. People can now work at home because of computers so they do not have to commute everyday to work. The suburbs have also adopted large-scale cultural and religious institutions, contributing to the migration of people from the cities. 2. The suburbs offer avoidance of clustering in large, overpopulated cities as well as a chance to live in bigger houses and have more space. Suburbs tend to be in low density and low cost regions when compared to the cities. 3. One way the suburbs have changed recently is that the last census also cited that the number of single people and couples without kids doubled in the suburbs compared to the cities, showing the further growth of the suburbs. 4. The growth of the suburbs has affect the downtown areas because they are losing jobs and people as they people migrate to the suburbs. 5. They haven’t lived up to expectations because it “produces ‘slurbs’ of undistinguished, unappealing space”. The article also says that traffic is the worst defining feature. Even far out from the city, the suburbs will still suffer from a lot of traffic. 6. With the gasoline prices becoming so expensive, it could have an impact on forcing some back to the city. However, it will be too big of a factor when people determine where they want to live. I the future, there will be a good balance between the city and the suburbs. I believe that the rapid growth of the suburbs will eventually reach equilibrium. 7. The growth of the suburbs has been a rapid one and I think it has had a big impact. Since 1950, around 90% of metropolitan population growth has been in the suburbs. A study done by the Brookings Institution claims that “the nation will add 50 percent

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