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Rule Of Society Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: yekaijiang
  • on April 24, 2012
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Argumentative essay about death penalty

Death penalty, it is way to solve the problem in our society.   But if we could find a better way to replace it? |

“When a juvenile commits a heinous crime, the State can exact forfeiture of some of the most basic liberties, but the State cannot extinguish his life and his potential to attain a mature understanding of his own humanity.”
-----BY ANTHONY KENNEDY, judicial opinion on Roper v. Simmons, Mar. 1, 2005
As the development of the human culture, death penalty has been a subject of discussion in our society. People also have different point of view about it. Some of them may be approve of it. But quiet few people against it. Nowadays, death penalty still exists in some of the countries, and three of these are most developed countries in the world, China, Unites states, Japan. These facts bring us a deep thought about the abolishment of the death penalty. Should we really need to kill all murders, rappers or the criminals who has been sentenced to death?
In my point of view, I would like to give some examples about death penalty in china. I would like to say the abolishment of death penalty is an inevitable trend. There are three reasons that I could support my argument. First of all, the death penalty has been existed in the world for over 200 years. The original intention for people to use death penalty as the extreme punishment is to punish the people who against law and who can’t be forgave by the public and the families of the victim. But nowadays, lots of examples happened in put society, some of criminals have already been sentenced to death. But the families of the victims even appeal to the Supreme Court for them. They don’t wish another death happen to the families of the criminals. Could you judge an old man killed his wife who suffered from cancer even herself wish to euthanasia to end her life as a murder?   No, you may not.
Secondly, everybody makes mistakes. Who could judge a case or a thing in...

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