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Ruchita Santosh Dhuwali DHU12374681 Access to Fashion Media & Communication Cultural Studies British Subculture of the 1950’ s-1960: The Mods and The Rockers. " A ‘subculture’ is an actively sought minority style interpreted in accordance with subversive values". - David Riesman 1950s. Fashion gives us a perception about the various kinds of cultures and societies around the world. Subcultures are a group of cultures, which are said to be the contrary of the conventional cultures as they have individual and distinctive trends. A subculture is usually formed so different types of individuals can fit in with people with similar taste. Each subculture is usually considered by how the people look, their way of living, their fashion styles, their traditional background or religion. All subcultures have a different way of dressing, doing activities and distinctive taste in music. (Rouse, E. 1989) During the Post-war period, around the fifties and the sixties, one could see an elaboration of the youth subcultures. There were various types of subcultures formed like the Mods, Rockers, skinheads, punks, Goths and Hippies. Each and every subculture had an impact in the fashion industry as they introduced styles individual to their groups, like the Mods. (Rouse, E. 1989) The Mods, which means Modern, first began in the late 1950s in London, England. As Dick Hebdige mentioned the mods, “appear to have been a group of working class dandies, possibly descended from the devotees of the Italianate style” – (Subculture: the Meaning of Style, 1988). The Mods, unlike most of the other well-known subcultures during that period, were said to be conservative and sophisticated. The male Mods were sharp- dressers and were popular for the suits influenced by the French and Italians. Their hairstyles were quirky, sleek

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