Ruchika Essay

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"Naomi Wolf explores the history of beauty in women's bodies by combining chronologies in six themed chapters: work, culture, religion, sex, hunger, and violence. A woman's appearance influences her perceived ability to perform her work well, religion dictates the proper relationship to her own body, the desired body is no longer feminine and sexual, and there is a rash of violence against women as well as by women to their own bodies. She explains how the feminist movement in the mid-20th century caused a "beauty backlash" that took away a woman's perogative to be feminine in appearance. Feminists in the 90s, she says, find themselves unable to be concerned about their appearance without being frivolous, finding that the more important feminist challenge remains in reworking the social order. The beauty myth Wolf outlines is that women are expected to attain unrealizable standards of beauty. The myth is spread though images of women in magazines, film, and advertising, and Wolf deliberately argues that images of women from such sources stir up change in the way women perceive themselves as embodied women as well as their social roles. " The Beauty Myth, How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women Written: Jan 04 '07 (Updated Jan 05 '07) Pros:Very well researched, great examples, very interesting Cons:Some people may be put off by a 'feminist' perspective, may seem outdated The Bottom Line:Naomi Wolf shows us how women can base their entire lives on how society perceives their image. My best friend Danae recently graduated Kansas University with her Ph.D. in Psychology. Much of her research dealt with the social awareness and sexuality of young women. She gave me a book last Christmas which she highly recommended, and she gave the book to many of her other female friends. The Beauty Myth, How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women is a fascinating read
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