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Evaluation Criteria Name _____________ Essay 2 Thesis ____ out of 25 | ____ | The thesis is clearly expressed using an effective and appropriate template. Demonstrates insight and originality. | ____ | While not as clear as it might be, the thesis is promising, engaging, and developed. Demonstrates potential. | ____ | Though clearly expressed and argumentative, the thesis is insufficiently narrow or too broad. | ____ | The thesis does not make an argumentative claim. | ____ | The thesis is unclear or non-existent. The main points of discussion are disjointed and unrelated. | Content/Organization/Development ____ out of 25 | ____ | The main argument has an arresting beginning, effective development, and a distinct conclusion. Substantial examples, details, illustrations, and ideas are given the emphasis required by their importance. The method of organization enhances and signals the importance of the ideas. Within paragraphs, the movement from general statements to specific ideas is distinct, effective, and coherent. Subordinate structures and transitional elements establish coherence between and among ideas. Source material is used effectively (i.e., partial and direct quotes are framed). | ____ | Although the essay has a clear beginning, middle, and end, it lacks a thorough sense of focus and emphasis. (Paragraphs may not begin with topic sentences related to thesis statement. Some ideas are substantial and thought provoking. An effort to provide appropriate details, illustrations, and/or explanation is apparent, if insufficient. Paragraphs are logically

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